Make a donation that expresses solidarity

If you want to contribute choose one of these projects:

Adopt a teacher (link the picture of the post card Adotta un insegnante Togo )
With just 30 euros you can pay the salary of a teacher of the Ketognakopé Elementary School

Adopt a nurse (link the picture of the post card Adozione infermiere Togo Stella Onlus )
With just 50 euros you aid the payment of the salary of a nurse of the Amadhomé dispensary (monthly paycheck 150 euros).

From baby to baby (link the picture of the post card Da bambino a bambino )
With just 30 euros your child/grandchild give to a child of the same age the chance to go to school.

Ask for your postcard at indicating the details of your bank transfer and your personal data to send you the postcard.