Specialized Medical Assistance

Beginning in the summer of 2009 Antonio Benedini, an orthopedic surgeon, has been going to Togo to offer his medical expertise, first at the hospital in Datcha, then at the hospital in Atakpamé, together with Sister Stella, a medical doctor.

In Togo, medical care is very difficult, because of a lack of adequate basic structures and because all medical care must be paid for.
Very often people who cannot afford medical help never even go to a hospital and more often than not, are never treated..

Delivering medical equipment:
Trauma orthopaedic surgery most often done to correct congenital or acquired deformities  such as deformed feet, deformed lower or upper limbs, (from obstetric paralysis), pseudo arthrosis in previously untreated fractures.
Surgical cleaning of bone osteomyelitis focus (frequent seen and caused by a lack of treatment of exposed bone fractures).
Trauma treatment
Out patient orthopaedics aiming at prevention (prescription and manufacturing of orthopedic orthoses).

Invio materiale medico/sanitario
in these years the following equipment has been sent to Togo:
hospital beds, gynaecological beds, anesthesiological appliance with a breathing device,  ECG monitor with a pulse rate, blood pressure and O2 saturation; various  orthopaedic instruments (a drill and a pneumatic saw, screws and plaques); surgical instrumentation, gynaecological and urological devices , stitching sutures, masks, sterile gloves, medicines and other items.

Medical training courses for paramedical personnel

If you are a doctor or work in the medical field and you want to offer your help, contact us.
If you are a pharmaceutical company, a hospital or and out-patient unit and you have surgical instruments, medicines etc. that we could use, contact us