The Yegué Orphanage

Yegué is a village located a hundred kilometres north of Atakpamé, towards the border of Ghana.

And it is precisely there, at 10 kilometers from the border that the orphanage is located. It now has 18 children, ranging from one to fourteen years old, and they are looked after by two sisters and 3 “mothers” from the village.

The older children attend the village school. Unfortunately some children, though they are of school age, do not go to school because they are not strong enough to travel the long distance to school.


The most urgent problem at the orphanage is the lack of drinkable water.

In the near future, we plan to finance two projects:

  • The start of a dig for a new well, since the present one has been ruined because of the climate.
  • The building of outside toilets.