The Order of Nôtre Dame de la Trinité

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The order of Nôtre Dame de la Trinité

The Order of nuns of Nôtre Dame de la Trinité was founded on October 7, 1985 in Atakpamé by Monsignor Philiippe Kprodzro who was the bishop of the city at that time.
The institute began its work with a group of 12 sisters who were part of the missionary congregation of the nuns of St Andrew’s Providence, working in Togo since 1954. At the present time the institute NDT is made up of 66 sisters and 14 girls who are preparing to be novices, working in 19 communities: 5 in the diocese in Lomé, 9 in Atakpamé, 3 in Burkina Faso in the diocese of Kala and Koupela and 2 in Italy in the diocese in Milan.
In these communities the sisters work with children and youngsters in the orphanages, they are involved in the education and teaching in elementary and secondary schools; they are involved with young women in these communities, in the dispensaries, and the sewing areas where they prepare the young women for a job; they work with sick people and elderly citizens in the dispensaries and in the medical-social centres and in the parishes for the liturgy, and the catechism.